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Roof Inspection

I see the roof as being one of the most important systems of a house. Without a satisfactory roof everything in the house will be jeopardized by water, rot and mold. Its important to hire an inspector who is comfortable climbing ladders and will actually walk upon the roof, rather than inspecting from the ground with binoculars, which is considered an acceptable practice.

Crawlspace and   Foundation

An equally important system of a home, buyers need to know of any significant fixes that a foundation may need. Your inspection report will let you know of any rotten wood members, damage by rodents or pests, and unacceptable cracks in the foundation. The picture on the right shows an old can of linseed oil being used as part of a column. Ironically, these vintage cans are available on Ebay for up to $100.

Electrical Inspection

Many saftey hazards can be found while inspecting the electrical system. The main service panel and any sub panels need to be opened to inspect for proper wire sizes and aluminum wiring. Outlets must be tested for proper wiring. Zinsco breaker boxes are known as fire hazards, and often arn't labeled as being a Zinsco brand.

Plumbing Inspection

A buyer needs to be aware of plumbing issues, as they can cause costly damage to a structure and cause high water bills. Your inspection report will also inform you of the age of your water heater. Earthquake straps must be sufficient. An inspection also includes natural gas leak detection.

HVAC and       Appliances

As a part of your inspection, the heater and cooler will be tested and the date of manufacture will be reported. All major kitchen appliances will be tested and checked for recalls. A link to service and operation manuals will be included.

Your inspection report will include all of these things and more!

View the inspection report sample at the top of the page for a more complete example of what to expect.