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Keith has been working in the construction field since October of 2010. He has worked on both residential and commercial carpentry sites. Keith is also a certified welder and licensed refrigerant handler. Over the years, Keith has also gained skills in electrical and plumbing fields. In July of 2017, Keith recieved his home inspection certificate through Home Inspectors of California, after passing the necessary courses at the Internachi online school. Because of his years of experience in the field, Keith is comfortable inspecting areas of the house that many inspectors would say are unsafe to inspect. For example, Keith will remove the dead front panel of the electrical box to inspect the wiring, and walk on the roof for a close up view of the shingles, flashing and vents.
Keith currently lives in Nice, Lake County, with his wife and baby daughter. The family are devout Christians, and attend Byzantine services at the Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Redwood Valley. During his spare time, Keith likes to hike and enjoy the outdoors with his family.  Keith also enjoys mechanical projects and learning new things.